Dolby Atmos.

If you are interested in working in Dolby Atmos, SX Pro will give you the best possible solution resulting in clear, stunning, three-dimensional audio in your studio or theatre. SX Pro can cater for all your equipment needs and offer consultation to achieve jaw-dropping results in your room.


What is Dolby Atmos?

Analogue vs Digital

Dolby Atmos is a platform that extends audio well beyond the normal realms of listening and into three dimensions. It can be delivered via multi-channel systems such as those that you will find in studios, cinemas and home theatres or via binaural simulations. Watch the video to the left for an example of this – be sure to use a pair of headphones for the best experience!

how can i start working with atmos?

We will be more than happy to consult with you on what you need to get started or to upgrade your current setup to work with Dolby Atmos, and we work with you to ensure your room meets the requirements set out by Dolby so that you get the best possible results for your room and your budget.

“it’s all about the sound, as long as the sound is right I don’t care who makes the box.”

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Daniel Avery.

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